Soft Lens

1) Wash Up
Before handling lenses, wash hands, rinse well and dry with a lint-free towel. Fingernails should be short and smooth to avoid damaging the lens or scratching the eye.
2) Inspect the Lens
Inspect the lens for any rips or tears. Also, make sure that the lens is not inverted. To ensure the lens is not inverted, place the lens on your fingertip to inspect it. If the lens is in the correct position, the edge of the lens will appear almost straight up. If the lens is inverted, the edges will flare out slightly. There are a number of lens manufacturers that have numbers or letters etched into the lens that acts as an inversion indicator.
3) Insertion
The picture is showing the right eye insertion. For left eye, reverse hands With the index finger of the left hand, firmly hold the upper lashes (not the lid) to prevent blinking. Hold the bottom lid down with the middle finger of your right hand. Now focus your sight on a steady point using the opposite eye. Place the lens on the center of your cornea, not the side of your eye.
4) Eye drops
One or two drops of lens lubricant are recommended if your lens feels dry or if blurred vision occurs while wearing.
5) Removal
Wash hands before removal. Slide your lens down onto the white of your eye, then using your thumb and forefinger, gently squeeze the lens and pull away from your eye.
6) Cleaning
Your contact lenses MUST be cleaned after wearing them. Make sure your hands are clean and lint-free. Carefully place the contact lens in the palm of your hand. Place three or four drops of a multi-purpose solution on the contact lens and gently but firmly, rub in a straight back and forth motion for about ten seconds on each side. Then rinse both surfaces thoroughly with a forceful stream of the multi-purpose solution.
7) Disinfection
Clean your case with hot water, a mild non-abrasive soap then airs dry. This should be done at least once every week. Your contact lens starter kit that was provided to you when you received your contact lenses will have a "Care Booklet' enclosed for you with care instructions. Please make use of this booklet and follow the instructions